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Respect your efforts, give yourself a satisfied break and make yourself aware of your potential. Apply for the fast growing Industry which involves in the following areas..


  1. Customer Care
  2. Nominated Cargoes
  3. Consolidation Marketing
  4. Shipper Marketing
  5. Secretarial Areas
  6. Human Resources
  7. Accounts

Our people get the most sophisticated training apart form the subject knowledge. By attending the routine office and getting busy does not give success. In fact success is obtained through various aspects such as smartness, confidence, subject knowledge, punctuality, discipline and the most important factor honesty. I being the HR head take initiative to train my employees to the utmost in all the areas mentioned above. Weekly written examinations are also conducted to test the knowledge of the employees.


So come forward and rush your detailed resume to hr@grtship.com and await your reply. Salary does not have bars to the right candidate.