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Consolidation & Distribution


GRT has been involved in the consolidation and distribution business for the last 5 years. The company owns and leases or owns and operates warehouse facilities to provide supply chain solutions to its customers. These supply chain solutions may take advantage of logistics concepts such as fixed order quantity approaches or fixed interval inventory models aimed at controlling and standardizing shipment size or shipment time interval. Thus, utilizing the economic order quantity model to help our customers determine and control minimum stock levels or reorder points.

Our distribution focus has been on the new time based approaches to inventory replenishment such as Just-In-time, Continuous-Replenishment, and Quick-Response to accomplish a Flow-Through Distribution System for our customers. Consequently, the goals of these approaches are to eliminate excess inventories, use short lead times, ship small and frequent replenishment quantities, and provide high quality with zero defects.

Our warehouse facilities are equipped with inventory control systems to protect customer product and ensure the efficient flow of product throughout the supply chain process. All facilities are compliant with sanitation requirements and fire protection codes.


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