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Hazardous Cargoes


Safe handling of goods classed as 'dangerous / hazardous' is another service offered by GRT.

The transport of such items is regulated, and these articles or substances are deemed safe for transportation by air, sea or road, if they meet the requirements specified in the current edition of the Global maritime organizations. These regulations specify how the articles must be packed, marked, labeled and documented

The following are some common items classified as dangerous goods. Such items must always be uplifted as cargo and not as baggage or in postal mail:

We offer our services for following Classes:


Class 4

Flammable solids

Substances liable to spontaneous combustion

Substance which, in contact with water, emit flammable gases

Class 5

Oxidizing substances (agents)

Organic Peroxides

Class 6


Infectious Substances

Class 7

Radioactive Materials

Class 8


Class 9

Miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles


We have teams of highly trained licensed staff to ensure that the acceptance, loading and handling of dangerous goods complies with established international regulations. This high level of expertise ensures that we never put our cargo and the environment at risk.


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Home >> Services